Thanks to 33 generous donors, PTX raised $3,135 on our first North Texas Giving Day! While we ultimately came up short in our fundraising competition with Thunder Polo, we had a lot of fun and are looking forward to getting in the water-polo side of the pool to try out their sport during a practice!

In addition, because we exceeded several of our fundraising goals:

  • Pirouette swimmers will be pelting their coaches with a LOT of water balloons at their Season Kickoff Party - and a few "lucky" coaches will be getting pied!  Check! Visit our Facebook page for the photos and video!

  • Coach Medley will be getting IN the pool to help during an entire week of practices!
  • And....Coaches Medley, Anna, Laura and Sarah will attempt to complete one of Coach Soohee's workouts. Ouch!

Thanks again to all those who made gifts to PTX on Giving Day - your donations will make a huge difference to our club!


Thanks to Our Season Donors and Sponsors:

PTX would like to express our gratitude for all of our donors and sponsors - particularly The Hanson Family, First Choice Emergency Room, Kay Goldthwaite of WilliamsTrew, Dr. Sharon L. Rogers, and WCM Services, Inc.

Thank you for your support!